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Harpswellgardenclubblog invites you to share your gardening experiences, good, bad, and in between with other garden club members and friends . Let’s create a forum where we can share the problems, solutions, aspirations, inspirations, frustrations, and jubilations that are all part of gardening.

Let’s start with the jubilation, that feeling we get when our gardens don’t just grow. They glow. Strut your stuff. Share your successes with us.

Let’s help each other out, or at least provide large doses of sympathy when the the plants we nurtured don’t  work out as planned. Let’s share solutions if we have them or sympathy when we don’t.

Let’s also celebrate the club that has has a rich history, starting with and article about the club in the June 1971 issue in Down East Magazine.

There will be three categories of posts within this one blog: gardening tips, history of the garden club, and coping with the uninvited wildlife in your yard. You are invited to comment on any or all of the posts.

If you can add to the history of the club, please use the comment block to do so.

If you have an idea for a new post, pass it along to me at pegbon2@gmail.com and I will post it for you.

There’s lots to blog about. So, let’s go.


Down East Magazine, June 1971

Below are links to the seven pages from the Down East magazine June 1971 article about the Harpswell Garden Club. It contains a wealth of information about the activities of the club in the early seventies. That’s more that forty years ago, and we are still going strong.

To read the pages, click on them one by one.

To comment or add information, use the reply box at the at the bottom of this page.

page one                 page two                  page three                        page four

horticulture scholarship presentation at University of Maine

page five                                       page six                               page seven